Top 5 Vector Websites To Get Free Compelling Images 1

Top 5 Vector Websites To Get Free Compelling Images

Vectors are great. Why? Vectors, are digital illustrations with lines, points, & curves and they’re made on vectorial software using mathematical formulas. Besides, for starters they’re different from raster images. Such raster images present on vector websites usually come in formats like jpg, png and gif.

They’re far better than other types of images for a lot of things. For example, they can be resized infinitely without any quality loss . This is not the case with raster images: enlarge them a little and they’ll start looking pixelated. I’m sure you know what we mean, we’ve all been there.

Vectors are also highly manipulable, which can lead to more creative options and customization. Elements can be pulled apart easily. Fonts can be transformed into outlines they always take same time to load, whether you have them installed or not.

Plus, the file sizes are smaller. While a 50 x 50 pixels raster file has to save 2500 pixels of information, a vector only needs to know the coordinates of the starting points, width and height. Are you convinced?

Now you want to get some vectorial designs for yourself. Vector stocks are a great way to start. We’ve put together a handy list with the best vector sites with great variety of images.

Next time you’re looking for free vectors for your projects, we recommend you try the following sites:

Here Are Top 5 Vector Websites To Get Free Compelling Images


Freepik is probably the best known search engine for free graphics on the web. You’ll find thousands of designs for almost every topic there. Their stock includes vectors, stock images, and PSDs, although not SVGs or PNGs.

Site has also got premium graphic designs for subscribers and offers licenses to use their graphics on a variety of projects. You can’t purchase only one graphic though, a monthly or yearly subscription is mandatory. An online editor would definitely make Freepik’s stock stand out from the crowd, it’s a shame it doesn’t have one.



Vecteezy has been on the web for quite a while now, and recently added an editor to the site that lets you modify designs before downloading them. The editor’s UX has been improving too, but it’s still far from being perfect.

Since the designs weren’t made with this tool in mind, some graphics are a little harder to customize. This is one of the vector websites where vectors quality varies along the site but you have lots of categories to browse and choose from.

It’s also got both a subscription service through credits and an unlimited subscription to get every design you might want. They don’t have a photography stock though.



While Flaticon only has icons, you can download them in many formats and their quality is excellent. Sometimes you can do it for free, but you always have to be logged in. You can also create patterns from the icon packs on the site or make your own collections.

Each collection comes in a different style too, so you can find everything from flat to stroke to realistic icons. If you’re a designer yourself, you can offer them your icon sets, graphic designs and actually make money with them, so that’s a bonus.



Similar to Flaticon, Iconfinder is packed of icons in different styles. Their site says they’ve got more than 2,000,000 icons so you’re sure to find one that works for you. Their designs can be downloaded in a variety of formats, too. It doesn’t have an editor to create patterns but you can actually get in contact with their icon designers to create whatever you need.



Pngtree provides tons of background, graphic, icons & more. You can get 3 images free daily.It have also premium subscription plane.

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